Vacuum-packed octopus is one of our specialities, that’s why we take great care over every detail of our work, both when fishing the octopus and in our preparation methods. At Salanort we always work with the highest quality of raw materials, preparing octopus from the Cantabrian Sea to serve at your table. These are the main keys to the success of our vacuum-packed cooked octopus.

Salanort extra quality Atlantic octopus.

Atlantic octopus

At Salanort we only work with the Atlantic octopus. Octopus from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean is caught using traditional artisanal fishing techniques. Respect for the environment and sustainable fishing are fundamental values of our work philosophy.

Cold water is key to obtaining excellent quality octopus. We work only with "Japan Octopus Quality", the highest quality, meaning that octopus is frozen within three hours of being caught.

Octopus fishing: quality and sustainable fishing

We fish in the Atlantic Ocean to offer you an octopus of superior quality. Cool water temperatures are essential for obtaining a high quality product. As well as our octopus from the Cantabrian Sea, at Salanort we work with octopus according to the Japan standard, a stamp guaranteeing top quality as far as fishing is concerned. This means that the octopus are frozen within no more than three hours of being caught.

Our pledge to offering quality octopus in no way clashes with our commitment to the environment. Sustainable fishing is a fundamental value of our work philosophy; that’s why we always fish in the cold waters of the Atlantic with traditional artisan fishing techniques.

Innovation and craftsmanship. That’s how we make our vacuum-packed octopus

At Salanort we work to take the best ready-to-eat vacuum-packed octopus to your home. Selected worldwide for our quality and recipients of accolades from recognised European chefs, our vacuum-packed cooked octopus is a guarantee of success on any table.

The continuous work to innovate our octopus preparation process, as well as its handling and packaging, are keys to obtaining the highest quality in our product. We always cook at low temperature to maintain all of the octopod’s properties and flavour.

If you would like to buy quality ready-to-eat vacuum-packed octopus, at Salanort we have been preparing it using artisanal methods for more than two decades so that you can enjoy it any way you like. Visit our online shop and enjoy our products.

Salanort finest quality Atlantic octopus cooked and vacuum-packed.

We firmly believe that the quality of our octopus is closely related to the way we work. That's why we innovate constantly in the process to prepare our vacuum-packed octopus. For excellent quality, we cook the octopus at low temperature so that it maintains its properties and flavour 100%.

Great taste awards

Great Taste Award 2015

Our vacuum-packed octopus landed two stars at the Great Taste Awards 2015, and we are hugely proud of the achievement. We were selected among more than 10,000 products from all over the world for our quality, and we were the only winners of the award in the cephalopods section. More than 400 judges chose our octopus out of all of the participants in this edition, awarding it two stars.

Great Taste Awards
Superior taste award

Superior Taste Award 2016

The quality of our octopus and its preparation process continue to enjoy international recognition. We are enormously proud of the two stars also given to us at the Superior Taste Awards in Brussels. More than 120 internationally recognised European chefs had the task of awarding the two stars for quality to our octopus.

Superior Taste Awards

Octopus recipes

From Salanort to your kitchen

We’re passionate about octopus. As well as fishing it in the Atlantic Ocean, preparing it with traditional methods in order to be able to vacuum-pack it and take it to your home, at Salanort we like to cook it a hundred and one ways.

Compared to octopus frozen, our cooked vacuum-packed octopus maintains all of its properties thanks to our cooking at low temperature so that you can enjoy its full flavour in your dishes.

Convinced that we’re sharing our passion for this exquisite food with you, we suggest a few tips for preparing our octopus. Let’s get cooking!

Recipe for octopus a feira using Salanort vacuum-packed octopus

Fried octopus with yoghurt sauce

For the octopus: Open the Salanort cooked octopus, slice the tentacles and fry in abundant oil. Remove from the oil and use kitchen roll to soak up any excess fat. For the sauce: Mix a natural yoghurt, ½ a teaspoonful of salt, ½ of sugar, 1 grated garlic clove, a little curry powder, parsley and turmeric. Coat each fried tentacle with the sauce.

Recipe for octopus a la plancha using Salanort vacuum-packed octopus

Pulpo fried in batter with avocado and currant sauce

For the octopus: slice the Salanort cooked octopus into small pieces and coat them in egg and flour. Fry them. Once fried, remove the octopus, use kitchen roll to soak up any excess fat and sprinkle with a little paprika. For the sauce: Mix a ripe avocado, currants and a drop of milk. Blend with a food mixer. Coat each piece of octopus with the sauce.

Recipe for microwave octopus using Salanort vacuum-packed octopus

Octopus tacos

Grate a broccoli and fry in a little olive oil. Slice our Salanort octopus and add it to the frying pan with a little handful of Salanort surimi elvers. Add a little grated cheese and wait until it melts. Mix all together. Once ready, place with the lettuce and rocket in a taco shell. Enjoy.