We work with fresh white tuna from Getaria, always fished when in season and of the very finest quality. Our white tuna is caught using sustainable techniques such as the seine method. At the end of the anchovy season we set about preparing the best white tuna from the Bay of Biscay using traditional methods.

Salanort tinned Bay of Biscay white tuna. Top quality white tuna from Getaria. Prepared the traditional way.

White tuna belly

We are pioneers in the preparation of white tuna belly cooked at low temperature and vacuum-packed. Being the juiciest part of the white tuna, we obtain a juicy, tender product that retains its full flavour. It is perfect for eating either by itself or in a salad, or even as a main dish, seared on the hotplate or grill. We always work with the belly of white tuna from Getaria, fished in the Bay of Biscay and prepared using traditional methods.

Salanort Bay of Biscay white tuna in olive oil, different formats.